70% Indians have dandruff.

100% Needs one stop solution.


1 Shot Dandruff Killer



Conditions and strengthens hair roots. Acts as one of the greatest vitamin supplement for hair roots. Effective for dandruff problem.


Helps to improve blood circulation and keeps the scalp cool. Most effective for scalp itching and dandruff. Herb with medicinal value.


Excellent hair follicule repairing agent and also adds strength to the hair tissues. Supports scalp circulation and nourishment.

The Lemon

Strong anti fungal properties that help maintain scalp health. Lemon is best for clogging of follicules leads to dandruff problem.


Strong anti inflammatory herb helps to cure irritation scalp. Highly effective for dandruff and scalp itching problems. Proven ancient records.

Why - Choose Us

100% Ayurvedic & Handmade

100% Ayurvedic & Handmade

Oil is made purely ayurvedic and has no side effects

Pure & Fresh

Pure & Fresh Preparation

Oil is prepared on a day to day basis for shipments

Certified Corporation

Certified Corporation

GMP & ISO certified manufacturer only

Returning Customers

Happy Customers

Gained thousands of happy customers in short time

Blend of 19 powerful herbs

Blend of 19 medicinal herbs

Blend of 19 powerful herbs to cure dandruff problem

5000 Year old vedic formula

In the history, Vedic literatures had solution for all major human problems. Researched well across all ancient text books of Ayurveda. '5000 year old' most effective formula for curing dandruff problem has been identified and formulated.

Trusted Result product

Permanent result oriented product. Results will last long after the usage of one bottle. Product is prepared keeping result in mind. With '1 Shot', Both men and women need not worry about dandruff problem in near future

100% Ayurvedic & Handmade

Ayurvedic formulas are always very effective. To make it more effective in result, all the 19 herbal ingredients are purified with fresh water and the oil is manufactured fully hand made. No machines have been used in the preparation to avoid quality dilution.

For Both Men And Women

Dandruff problem occurs for both men and women. '1 Shot' can be used by both genders. Ingredients and formula is tested for both the kind of scalps. Works well and gives the same result for both men and women. Aroma of the product suits both men and women.

This 1 Shot Dandruff Killer, A Product popularly known as 1 Shot is treated as medicinal oil than a regular hair oil. Tested among 1000 men and women. Found to be 99.99% effective in solving dandruff problem.

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1 Shot Dandruff Killer

Forget your Dandruff & Boost your Confidence

  • Remove DHT & Toxins
  • Remove Scalp Fungus
  • Increase Blood Flow